We sat down with Patty to speak with her this Mother's Day as she shared fond memories of her Mama.

If we're honest. Putting this together made us tear! Mums are special and so rightly, expressed time and time again in the countless stories about the love mums radiate out of them.

With Patty, we've learnt that no matter what happens in life, a part of mums will always live on in their children. 

Lessons on unconditional support and love when Furn and Patty started innit

Mama is the kindest person I known especially to her kids. Mama always keep me company and help me on every step of my life.. she drive for me, go to fabric market carry heavy fabric with me and go see our production team with me. Everywhere I go and almost every one that I know will always ask about my mom, everyone loves her because she always smile to everything. We miss your kind face!  Mama just wants to help don't want anything in return. To hear at the end of every day how much sales we make is the only thing she want to know. Our success is what make her happy.

On marriage and life

Mama is my Role model in the way that as a girl, you’re supposed to be able to do everything. Not that have to do everything by yourself, but have to know how to do it!  For me, cooking skill is the most precious thing I got from my mom. I was in kitchen cooking with her since I can remember. Mama never write down any recipe for me to follow but the way of cooking and how to treat each ingredients in many different way is definitely rooted down in me as I grow up the foundation is there for me to be more imaginative with my dishes. Thank u mama!!


An open letter to mama

Parents cannot stay with us forever but what we can do is collecting the most memories so that you can keep them forever in your heart. Be good and make them proud on every step of your life. Mama, I am very proud to born as your daughter . I hope I made you proud of me throughout your time with me. Even though this round the time we have is a little bit shorter, but never mind next time we will see each other and spend a much longer time with each other! Love you, mama.