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With our upcoming collection for 2019 ready to launch, we sit down with J’Furn and Patty to pick their brains and discover what inspires them and how much work and time actually goes into creating every innitbangkok piece.


What or who are you inspired by?

Our customers and our everyday life!

Good design should help you compliment the bad and enhance the good from your body shape. Our customers also have many different types of body shapes and different types of need. So our design tends to fulfilled those needs.

How long does it take to put a design together?

We launch only one collection yearly. That’s for the best of color and pattern that carefully selected and crafted during the year. We aim to create timeless pieces rather than fast fashion design.

Are there any rules you stick by?

Quality of the handmade and the design that customer be able to really wear it.

By nature of our pleated fabric that already pleated before we cut and sew, it already more challenging than working with the normal fabric that is not pleated. There are many limitations to work with the fabric. Therefore, quality of the finished product has to look neat and remains the beauty of the smooth line of the pleat.

For us, there are many specific techniques that we developed over the years to reach more and more complicated designs. Some techniques that we wanted to do (over the) last two years but not successful. Somehow over two years of training different kind of techniques, we can do it! So, everyday we learn and try to improve our seamstress’s skill to bring out the best design possible.


What is the story behind these pieces?

For this year collection, we want to do something that is easy to understand and in a more straightforward design that you can imagine yourself in the design right away.

So, this year we are more focus on the design function that we still lack rather than the super versatile pieces like before. There will be items that we made based on our feedback from our dear customers. You can look out for pieces that…

  • Cover arm pieces (design with sleeves, finally!! #innitCREMA)

  • The pants that not too flare and not to slim, using the darts to help us get the slim waistline and a bit of a flare at the bottom. So if you ever think that our classic flare #innitPANTS is too flare and #innitradonpants is too tight. This new #innitCARRARA pants is coming to serve you especially!

  • The A-line pleated skirt #innitROJO For those of you who think the straight skirt is killing your food belly or your muscular thigh, THIS SKIRT IS THE ANSWER

  • For a more casual-chic-sporty look set; to bring our pleat fabric to be more for your everyday wears, but the way to achieve it is not easy! Turn to be quite a couture technique as we have to measure and sew the smock one line by one line to make the fabric stay in shape to make such design. This takes quite a lot of time and special workmanship, but the result is worth it #innitQUARRY

Stay tune for more…😊

Why did you decide on these two new colours to launch?

It’s the best compliment colors that we looking for.

How do you want women to feel when wearing your clothes?

Comfortable and confident.


What is your biggest fear when going out and start this brand?

Working with your sister! – we are very different but yet we compliment each other

If you could go back to change one thing, what will it be?

None, everything happens for a reason.

innitbangkok’s 2019 collection #innitForLoveIsImmortality launches first week of January 2019

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